Resolution of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic Supreme Medjlis on the Political Evaluation of the Baku Events of January 1990

Evaluating the event which took place in Baku over the night from 19 to 20-th of January, 1990 and the following days Supreme of Majlis the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic points out that Soviet Army detachments of special punitive character, Military Navy and Interior Ministry detachments invaded and occupied Baku and inflicted a massacre on the civilian population. Thus, the clauses of paragraph 14 of the USSR Constitution, Article 119, and the sovereign rights of the Azerbaijan SSR were grossly violated.

As a result of this military action directed against the fight of the Azerbaijan people for democracy and national liberation hundreds of innocent people-among them elderly men, women and children – were killed and wounded, numerous cases of unusual cruelty were registered.

Those who are directly responsible to people for this political and military violence are the Chairman of the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium M.Gorbachev, the USSR Central Committee Secretary A.Girenko who was in Baku at that period, the Minister of the USSR Ministry of Defense D.Yazov, of Internal Affairs of the USSR V.Bakatin, the USSR Central Committee official A.Mikhailov, and also the leader of the Republic-the former first secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan Central Committee A.Vezirov, the Chairman of President of Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan SSR E.Kafarova, A.Moutalibov, being the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers then, members of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan Central Committee Bureau V.Polyanichko, M.Mamedov, V.Guseinov.

Having betrayed their own people, the leaders of the Republic did not take any preventive measures, showed their inconsistency and being guilty of the committed, tried to avoid the responsibility.

Despite the pressing demand of the Republic’s population to reveal the culprits of the bloody January events, to investigate and evaluate these event, to investigate and evaluate these event from the political point of view, no such measure was carried out. Extraordinary Session of Supreme Council convened in January 22 did not complete its work. Summoned to give political evaluation to the January events this session has not started its work so far, at the same time this matter has not been discussed at the following sessions.

It seems surprising too that Commission of Supreme Council, created to investigate the January events has not completed its work either (the Chairman of the Commission M.Abbasov).

None of the leaders of the Union and the Republic Party, Soviet and Legal institutions have been revealed and unmasked or made responsible for the January events. This fact arouses righteous public indignation.

Estimating this action as unprovoked armed aggression, a plot devised against the country and as a gross violation of the Human Rights Declaration, the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic Supreme Majlis has adopted a resolution.

1. To consider the bloody events that took place in Baku in January 1990 as a violence directed against the sovereign right of the Azerbaijan SSR and the democratic processes started in the Republic.

2. To condemn aggression against the people of Azerbaijan, the use of modern weapons causing superfluous suffering to the victims, helpless civilian population- elderly, women and children.

3. To express a strong protest against Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan SSR that did not yet give a political estimation of the tragic events in Baku, the deputies’ commission created in this connection did not complete its work without any obvious reason, the culprits of the massacre have not been revealed and made to answer.To demand from the Supreme Council to include these matters in the agenda of the Parliament Session.

4. From the date adoption of adoption of this resolution to declare 20-th of January the Day of National Mourning in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.5. To request from the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan SSR to declare 20th of January as the Day of National Mourning.

Nakhichevan, November, 21, 1990


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