The Appeal to the Secretary General of CC of CPSU, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of USSR Michail Gorbachyev

I can’t express with words the whole sorrow of the Azerbaijani nation, its endless grief, which is stamped in our memory forever.

I tell you about it not with aim to let you share our pain and express your sympathy, it will be an insult for my people, it will be cynical regarding the memory of our perished compatriots. The crimes took place in Baku on January 19-20 are unthinkable. The streets of the city were stained with blood of hundreds innocent victims, among them the old men, children and women are. Mutilated dead bodies, pressed by tanks, shot from sub-machine guns make flesh creep.

There is no justification for this bloody massacre, for this shocking crime, sanctioned by you as the Head of the State. The azerbaijan people rejects with the indignation and contempt the provocative charges, which allegedly became the cause of entering of troops, and one of the charges is so-called “Islamic factor”, which was considered as threat for existing of the Soviet State.

In connection with this I want to say the following. Belonging to the religion, including Islam, challenges the nationalism, which is considered as sin. You are well informed, particularly from my words, that Islamic clergy of Transcaucasia considered and now considers the using of religious ideas in the political struggle and international conflicts as inadmissible. You know well that even in the most difficult period in the region Islam called for the senses, peace and good-neighbor relations. Therefore the claims that “Islamic factor” is considered as destabilizing factor is the attempt to oppose Moslems to the Christians with aim to do conflict between the nations more cruel.

I assure you that we will do all possible to inform the world community about truth. The country which sows discord between the nations instead of to pacify them deserve disgrace. This is the country which turned its army into the army of killers of its compatriots, the country where the people have more rights for death than for life. The shots in Baku are the shots to the people’s hearts, these are shots destroyed every hope in people for perestroyka: you discredited the Soviet Regime by entering the punitive troops into Baku, where they behave themselves as occupants, you confirmed that this country doesn’t know what is the sovereignty and respect of nations. You discredited yourself as political figure and as the head of the state. The myth of you as the “Fighter for peace” dispersed, because it is blasphemy to name so the man, who signs the agreement with the foreign country by one hand and by another sanctions the punitive actions against the citizens of his country. There was no else bloody war where the medical staff, hospital attendants were killed. But you sanctioned the killing of the people including two doctors who hurried to help the injured people.

Expressing the will of all Azerbaijani people I demand the immediate withdraw of troops from Baku. It is impossible to speak to any nation with arms. It may continue ten days or ten years, as in Afghanistan, but sooner or later the justice will triumph in Azerbaijan, in the name of this the sons and daughters of our nation killed by Soviet soldiers gave their life.

With deep confidence in that I pray to God, and ask him for rest for innocent victims and heavy punishment for their killers.


Sheykh-Ul-Islam, Allakhshyukyur Pashazadeh the Chairman of Clergy Council of Moslems of Transcaucasia
Baku city, January 21, 1990

The copies are sent to the Secretary of UN Peress de Quelyer, to the Heads of Governments and religions of the world.


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